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Amazon Account Reinstatement New York

Amazon Account Reinstatement New York

Rubinstein Law Firm is a leading law firm specializing in Amazon account reinstatement in New York. Our attorney helps suspended sellers get their Amazon account reinstated and protect their clients’ information with 100% confidentiality.

How to get an Amazon account reinstated?

Getting your Amazon account suspended can be heart-breaking, especially if you have no clue about the available ways to reinstate Amazon seller account. While Amazon often suspends an account for a reason, here are a few things you can do to reinstate your seller account: 

  1. Understand the cause of your suspension

Try to understand the reasons for your account suspension so that you can move forward accordingly. Getting this first step ready can help you come up with an appropriate plan of action.

  1. Read the suspension notice

Amazon usually informs the seller about the reasons for account suspension. Read your notice thoroughly to understand the possible reasons for your account suspension.

  1. Review your seller information

Go to your account’s metrics section and review your seller information to see if anything is wrong with your products, customer reviews, or listings.

Once you understand the exact reasons for your account suspension, you must write a suspension appeal letter and send it to Amazon. The letter must clearly state the actions you plan on taking to resolve the issue and prevent the same problem from happening again in the future. Hire an Amazon suspension services attorney to get your account reinstated in a relatively short duration.

Top reasons to hire our attorney for amazon account reinstatement

Hiring a skilled Amazon seller account reinstatement attorney can address your buyer complaints and negative feedback and boost your performance. An attorney can also prevent you from facing future account suspensions.

Our experienced attorney, Jacob Rubinstein, can help you seek lost profits due to buyer complaints and negative reviews. Our in-depth knowledge of Amazon’s extensive requirements can help you get your seller’s account reinstated in no time.

How our attorney can help you with Amazon account reinstatement

Ranked as the best law firm for Amazon reinstatement service, our licensed attorney, Jacob Rubinstein, helps sellers understand their rights and addresses account suspensions from a legal perspective. We work with Amazon sellers and provide them with strategic appeal strategies to get their accounts reinstated. Our legal process includes the following steps:

  1. We will investigate your account thoroughly and prepare a comprehensive report outlining the issues in your account and the reason for your account suspension.
  2. After the investigation, we begin drafting an appeal plan covering every angle of your account suspension.
  3. We will write an appeal plan to Amazon for your account reinstatement and use the power of the law to defend your rights

Contact Rubinstein Law Firm at 516-268-7077 to schedule a free consultation. We help our clients with Amazon account reinstatement in New York with our unparalleled experience handling cases relating to e-commerce. Get in touch with the #1 attorney in New York, Jacob Rubinstein, to take care of your Amazon account suspension case.

Amazon Account Reinstatement New York


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