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Amazon Law

The Firm Story

It all began in 2007 when Jacob started selling several items
on Amazon and eBay. Sales were going great but fast
forward through some months later was him sitting on a
fancy chair bought out of his profits, looking through his
sales and emails only to realize his account was suspended
as a result of sellers falsely claiming his products. He came in
contact with a lot of the closest things to an Amazon lawyer
in those days, but was left with grief over their incompetence
and realized he needed to make an impact in this regard. In
2014, Jacob graduated Brooklyn Law School with a
concentration in intellectual property law and ever since
then, he has been aggressively and successfully advocating
for his clients.

Jacob Rubinstein

Amazon Account Reinstatement

Did your Amazon account just get suspended? Sure it seems like the end of the world, but don’t panic, in fact, go ahead, enjoy your coffee and probably date night because with the trained professionals at “ The Amazon Law” serving you, you’ll have your suspended Amazon account reinstated for sure!

Intellectual Property

Ever had a taste of real expertise in intellectual property/ brand protection? Well, you’re about to…. From copyright to trademark as well as cease or desist, the professionals at “The Amazon Law” have got you covered.


  • What are some common suspension causes you have won many reinstatements on?
      • Intellectual Property Complaint, Counterfeit or Inauthentic Item
      • Selling Prohibited Items
      • Confirm orders prior to shipment
      • Safety Complaints or Expired Items
      • Listing do not match detail page, not as advertised or used as new
      • Order defect rate >1%, Late shipment rate >4%, and Pre-fulfilment cancel rate >2.5%
  • Can you guarantee our reinstatement?
    • We will work with you and provide as many letters and trying all our methods and won’t give up on your case, but we cannot guarantee. No company can guarantee reinstatement. We can tell you we will hustle better than any competitor and that our clients tell us no one has a higher success rate
  • What is a plan of action (POA)?
    • A plan of action is created once your account is suspended. If Amazon asks you for a POA, add the specifically added requirements. For example, if they ask you about your latest transaction invoices, provide it. In POAs, explain how your business has changed. Provide as much information as possible.

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