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Bike accident law firm in LA CA

You may wonder what to do if you or a loved one has been injured in a bicycle accident. While there are many things to consider, some critical factors are whether you were at fault and need legal help. Here are three signs you need a bike accident law firm in LA CA:

  • You Were Injured In A Traffic Accident – If you were not biking on your own property and were involved in a traffic accident, you were likely at fault. This means your case may be more complicated and require more resources than if you had been riding on your own property.
  • You Are Suffering From Serious Injuries – Bicycling accidents can cause serious injuries, including head injuries, spinal cord injuries, and broken legs. If you have injuries, it is crucial to seek medical attention as soon as possible.
  • The Accident Was Incredibly Dangerous – Bicycle accidents can be hazardous for cyclists and other drivers. If the accident was perilous or caused significant damage to your bike or car, it may be worth consulting with an attorney.

How To Choose Personal Injury Attorneys in LA CA

It is a difficult decision knowing how to proceed after a bike accident, and there are many factors to consider, including the advice of a Los Angeles bicycle accident lawyer.

1. Do your research; it can be difficult to decide which one to hire based on reputation alone. It’s essential to do your own research first and read reviews online or in newspapers or magazines. Talk to friends and family members who have had legal problems in the past, and ask them for recommendations.

2. Consider your budget. The average cost of an attorney’s services ranges from $2,500 to $5,000 per case. However, this price can vary widely depending on the lawyer’s experience and specialty. Some personal injury attorneys will work with you on a contingency basis.

3. Ask around. Finally, it’s vital to ask around for opinions before making any decisions about hiring an

Do You Need A Bike Accident Law Firm?

Bike accidents are a common occurrence on the roads, and they can lead to severe injuries. Bicycle accident lawyers can help you navigate the legal system and get the compensation you deserve. 

-Most bike accidents are not covered by insurance, and this means that you may be unable to recover any money from your insurance company. A bike accident lawyer can help investigate your case and determine whether you have a claim.

-A bike accident lawyer can best provide expert advice on how to protect yourself in future bike accidents. This includes knowing your rights and what steps to take if you are involved in a bike accident.

-A bike accident lawyer can help negotiate settlements with insurance companies on your behalf. Settlements can often be much higher than what you would receive if you went to court alone.

Why Choose Abkarian & Associates As Your Bike Injury Attorneys in Los Angeles

No matter the situation, you can’t go wrong with the services of Abkarian & Associates. Our expertise will ensure favorable results, even if we have to take your case to court. Start a conversation with someone from our firm online using live chat or call our bike accident law firm in LA CA at 855-888-1808.


  • What kind of cases do you handle?
  • Family Law Cases such as:

    – Divorce- both contested and uncontested, same sex and gray divorce

    – Custody

    – Support

    – Alimony/ Maintenance

    – Equitable Distribution

  • Intellectual Property cases such as:

    – Patents

    – Copyrights

    – Trademarks, Service Marks and Trade Dress

    – Data Privacy

    – Transactional work such as: Terms and Conditions, IP registration and enforcements and cease and desists

    – Any other IP related matter.

  • How much will my matter cost?
    • Our firm has a different philosophy than virtually any other, we try to close cases quickly. We recognize if you are happy, you will refer us clients. In most matters, it will depend on how complicated the facts and/or legal issues are and how willing the parties are to settle.
  • How does your firm have two differing specialties?
    • We spend a lot of money, time and resources to remain experts in our respective fields. Join the parties and opposing counsels who are baffled by our expertise in both areas.

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