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    Rubinstein Law Firm

    The Rubinstein Law Firm proudly serves all of New York for divorce and other state matters and the whole country on intellectual property related matters.


    • What kind of cases do you handle?
    • Family Law Cases such as:

      – Divorce- both contested and uncontested, same sex and gray divorce

      – Custody

      – Support

      – Alimony/ Maintenance

      – Equitable Distribution

    • Intellectual Property cases such as:

      – Patents

      – Copyrights

      – Trademarks, Service Marks and Trade Dress

      – Data Privacy

      – Transactional work such as: Terms and Conditions, IP registration and enforcements and cease and desists

      – Any other IP related matter.

    • How much will my matter cost?
      • Our firm has a different philosophy than virtually any other, we try to close cases quickly. We recognize if you are happy, you will refer us clients. In most matters, it will depend on how complicated the facts and/or legal issues are and how willing the parties are to settle.
    • How does your firm have two differing specialties?
      • We spend a lot of money, time and resources to remain experts in our respective fields. Join the parties and opposing counsels who are baffled by our expertise in both areas.

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