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Child Support Attorney Broward County

Child Support Attorney Broward County

With over 20 years of experience, Scott J. Brook is the #1 child support attorney in Broward County. His areas of focus include family law, estate planning, and general litigation. He is one of the top child support lawyers in Florida with a successful track record.

Florida child support guidelines

In the case of child support cases, parents must file and exchange financial affidavits verifying individual income and expenses and submit a completed Child Support Guidelines Worksheet. Also, the type of affidavit a parent fills depends on his/her income. If you are a parent with an annual gross income of less than $50,000 per year, you should complete Form 902(b). If you are a parent with an annual gross income of more than $50,000, you should complete Form 902(c).

Child support obligation varies on how many children you have and the combined net incomes of you and your spouse (gross income minus allowable deductions). Make sure to get the help of a child support attorney to help you file a child support case.

Effect of custody and parenting time

If you are not the custodial parent for your child or children and if your visitation consists of less than 73 overnights per year, you must provide a support amount to the custodial parent. The noncustodial parent must pay a basic monthly amount of $600 to the custodial parent as child support. On the other hand, if your parenting plan is such that each parent has the children for at least 20 percent of overnights in a year, this can involve additional calculations.

This is because, when both parents choose to raise children, it can involve maintaining two separate households and twice the expenditure. In such cases, the guidelines follow a “gross-up” method, where you multiply the basic child support obligation amount by 150%. The amount that each party is responsible for depends on the parents' income, among other factors. Adjusting calculations by parenting time can be complex. Make sure to hire an experienced child support attorney in Broward County to help you out.

What to consider when hiring a child support lawyer

Make sure to find a lawyer close to where you live, as you may have to make several trips to the lawyer's office. Be sure to work with a lawyer that has several years of experience in child custody and child support law. This way, you can trust your lawyer better and be certain to receive a favorable outcome in your child support case.

Enquire your circle of friends, family members, and colleagues that have used an attorney in situations similar. You can also look online for attorneys with several positive reviews to vouch for their services and schedule consultations with them.

Call us today at (954) 757-5551 to schedule a consultation with Scott J. Brook. Our child support attorney in Broward County can help you file a case and can help you get the best outcome in matters relating to child support, marriage dissolution, paternity and family custody, juvenile matters, etc.

Child Support Attorney Broward County

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  • What kind of cases do you handle?
  • Family Law Cases such as:

    – Divorce- both contested and uncontested, same sex and gray divorce

    – Custody

    – Support

    – Alimony/ Maintenance

    – Equitable Distribution

  • Intellectual Property cases such as:

    – Patents

    – Copyrights

    – Trademarks, Service Marks and Trade Dress

    – Data Privacy

    – Transactional work such as: Terms and Conditions, IP registration and enforcements and cease and desists

    – Any other IP related matter.

  • How much will my matter cost?
    • Our firm has a different philosophy than virtually any other, we try to close cases quickly. We recognize if you are happy, you will refer us clients. In most matters, it will depend on how complicated the facts and/or legal issues are and how willing the parties are to settle.
  • How does your firm have two differing specialties?
    • We spend a lot of money, time and resources to remain experts in our respective fields. Join the parties and opposing counsels who are baffled by our expertise in both areas.

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