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Child Custody And Visitation Rights

Child Custody Lawyer in Long Island, NY

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Considerate Child Custody Lawyer

Child custody is often the most contested issue in divorces and rightfully so. Where they will go to school, extracurricular activities, how they will be raised, and whom they will live with are commonly contested issues.

As child custody lawyers, we guide you through the complex legal system. In the ideal situation, you and the other parent can come to an agreement that is reasonable for all involved and meets the “best interest” requirements. We advocate for you to get the best possible situation for you and your kids.

Custody Determination

The judge’s goal is to make a decision that provides the child with the optimal environment emotionally, financially, and educationally. When examining the case, the judge will review many factors to determine what offers the best combination of these factors. The judge will consider the following:

  • Who the child wants to live with.
  • The child’s ability to adjust to a new environment and school.
  • The bond between the child and each parent.
  • If either parent has a criminal history, like drug use or abuse.
  • The mental and physical health of each parent.
  • The willingness of each parent to maintain a substantial relationship with one another on behalf of the child.
  • The will of each parent.

Generally, any decision that will move the child out of state is not favored. When the court finally decides on a custody arrangement, it is not easily changed. Because of this, we do everything we can to get the parents to agree on an arrangement that would avoid the need to be seen by a judge. The Rubinstein Law Firm assists parents with determining custody decisions, outlining methods, and preparing documents to make a fair decision for both parents.

Hyper-advocates in these cases

We understand the anxiety and confusion that ensues during a custody proceeding. A contested custody proceeding is one of the most stressful events in a person’s life, and it should be handled with compassion and fairness.
We are committed to our clients and their well-being and provide skilled representation.

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  • What grounds do I need to file for divorce?
    • New York is a no-fault jurisdiction which means the most commonly cited cause is IRRETRIEVABLE BREAKDOWN IN RELATIONSHIP. So, for example, if your spouse had adultery, it is not really relevant to the actual divorce grounds.
  • Do I file a contested divorce or an uncontested divorce?
    • Uncontested means both parties agree to sign a settlement outside of court and are relatively close in terms of what they want in the terms.
  • How much does the divorce process cost?
    • Uncontested divorces are considerably cheaper, the range is between $1,000-$3,000 depending on complexity. For a contested divorce, it will depend on how willing the spouses are to work together, if so, it can cost as little as $7,000 but if there is excessive fighting the divorce can last years and the sky is the limit.
  • How long before I am officially divorced?
    • Fortunately, NY is not a state that requires a separation period. So as long as you and your spouse have been married for at least 6 months and are an NY resident, you can begin the process immediately. If the divorce is not contested it can be completed in as fast as two months and may take as long as eight months. If the divorce is contested and the parties find it challenging to agree, divorce can go on for many years.

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