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Dallas Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer

Article provided by: Attorney Bret Schmidt

Most prosecutors will tell you that the people representing themselves in court have a fool for a client. The highest level of education in a complicated subject will not save you in front of the best Dallas federal criminal attorney and harsh criminal laws. The deck is always against you and will often result in devastating results.

Texas prosecutes criminal charges under the state law but also has prosecution under the federal law. Federal prosecutors focus on large-scale crimes that have a significant impact on society or money. This case means that the national court system will have fewer issues and intensive prosecution. Federal sentencing could include minimal sentencing terms or enhancements that radically increase the sentence.

Five ways we save lives when facing a federal crime charge

You must speak with a Dallas federal criminal defense lawyer if you want exceptional representation. We have a record of accomplishment of success and guarantee the following benefits.

Understand the system

The most important reason to hire Bret Schmidt as your attorney is their understanding of the law. The legal system intimidates a fresh Dallas federal criminal defense law firm and will overwhelm the self-representing client. The experienced Dallas federal criminal lawyer can demystify the process with a smart and strategic plan. We help individuals address every type of criminal case while keeping them in the loop of all results. Federal criminal charges are different from the state in the following ways:

  • Prosecutors
  • Judges
  • Bail
  • Jury pool
  • Sentencing
  • Court schedule


The defense attorney starts to develop relationships at the onset of their career. The relations often surround their frequented area of work. A federal attorney has stronger bonds in a federal court than any other court level. These ties create a better experience because we are familiar with each prosecutor’s tendencies. We know the essential staff in the court and use our expertise to negotiate a favorable outcome.


Attorneys have different builds because they have different combinations of experience. Our criminal defense attorney is relevant for your case because we have an acute understanding of issues that are strikingly similar to yours. We know what you need to overcome the hurdles of the federal justice system.


The Dallas federal criminal defense attorney will fight for you and your future despite the despicability of your alleged crime. A reasonable attorney works with any mix of conditions to get the closest favorable outcome. These may include a reduced sentence, lesser penalties, or a case dismissal in the best scenario.

The attorney protects your case by advising on a possible outcome of the defense of the federal crime. We assure clients of the most probable outcome so you can prepare your mind for any potential hardship. We let you know the best time to take a plea deal and understand how the federal system will affect your charge.

Manage enforcement conduct

No amount of Netflix will educate you on the particulars of each justice system professional. We, however, have accurate legal knowledge on the conduct of the police officer, judge, jury, or researching team. We have experience in acquiring the right amount of evidence to prove illegal conduct. Do you want to talk to a Dallas federal criminal defense lawyer? Call the federal crimes lawyer in Dallas TX, 214-526-1100, for a free consultation.


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