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Domestic Violence Attorney Sacramento

Domestic Violence Attorney Sacramento

If you are wrongly accused of domestic violence in Sacramento, you may be wondering if you need to hire an attorney. A domestic violence attorney can help you, whether you’re the victim or the person accused of violence. No matter where you fall in the case, an attorney can protect your rights and minimize the impact on your life.

Don’t know how to hire a domestic violence attorney? Here are five tips for finding the right lawyer to help with charges in domestic violence in Sacramento.

  1. Look at Experience

The more years of experience a lawyer has under its belt, the more likely he or she will handle your case in a more streamlined manner. Also, you get someone who understands how to get your case moving in your favor. At Brennan Defense law firm, all our lawyers have years of experience in criminal law and can help you whenever you are charged for domestic violence in Sacramento.

  1. Consider Availability

Domestic violence is unpredictable; therefore, you need to find someone who is always available. A good domestic violence lawyer should be available 24/7 to answer your calls at any time of day or night. Response time of three minutes vs. three hours can mean all the difference in your case. The team at Brennan Defense law firm is always available to help you out any time of the day.

  1. Level of Understanding

Domestic violence can cause a real divide between your loved ones. So when choosing a domestic violence lawyer, you need someone who’s skilled at what they do and be willing to listen to you. Some lawyers may be in the business just for the money, and not care about their clients. The team at Brennan Defense law firm knows how stressful it can be to go through a domestic violence case on your own, much less handling the legal aspect. Our attorneys are a good listener and will help you during your case.

  1. Charges and Upfront Fees

You need to know the law firm’s upfront fees for any service you seek. Therefore, make sure you choose a law firm that can answer all your questions about fees transparently. These include a fee for each time the lawyer appears in court. Other factors include mailing, filing, and copying fees. At Brennan Defense law firm, we are always transparent about our fee, and we do not sneak in hidden charges during your case.

  1. Schedule an Initial Meeting

Make sure you schedule initial meetings before hiring any lawyer. Initial consultations let you know how the firm handles meetings with their clients. You’ll see how attentive they are while you’re speaking. Do they acknowledge your words? Or do they brush off what you are saying? If you don’t feel good about the law firm after this first meeting, then look elsewhere.

Need A Domestic Violence Attorney In Sacramento? Contact Brennan Defense Law Firm

Whether you’ve been wrongly accused of domestic violence or you need help getting away from an abuser, you have all the right to find the right attorney to defend your case. Contact us today at 916-498-1776 if you need a good domestic violence defense attorney in Sacramento.

Domestic Violence Attorney Sacramento

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