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DRL 18 – Domestic Relations Law 18

DRL 18

DRL 15-A
Domestic Relations Law 15-A

Any such clergymen or officer as aforesaid to whom any such license duly issued may come and not having personal knowledge of the incompetency of either party therein named to contract matrimony, may lawfully solemnize matrimony between them.
In essence, this statement emphasizes the importance of ensuring that individuals who officiate weddings have a valid license and that they are not aware of any legal obstacles to the marriage before proceeding with the ceremony. It underscores the legal and procedural aspects involved in marriage solemnization to protect the rights and interests of the parties involved.

This statement essentially means that if a clergyman or any other authorized official in New York is presented with a marriage license that has been properly issued and has no personal knowledge of any legal reasons why either of the parties listed on the license should not be allowed to get married, they are legally permitted to conduct the marriage ceremony.
Key points to note:
1. License Validity: The marriage license must be valid and legally issued by the town or city clerk in accordance with state law.
2. Personal Knowledge: The officiant must not have any personal knowledge or information that would suggest that one or both of the individuals listed on the license are legally ineligible or incompetent to enter into marriage. This knowledge could include prior knowledge of an existing marriage, a legal impediment, or any other reason that would make the marriage invalid.
3. Legal Authority: Assuming the license is valid and there are no known legal obstacles to the marriage, the clergyman or authorized officer has the legal authority to proceed with solemnizing the marriage between the two parties mentioned in the license.
In essence, this provision ensures that authorized officiants can perform marriage ceremonies as long as they follow the law and do not have specific knowledge that would prevent the marriage from being legally valid. It helps streamline the process of conducting legal marriages while maintaining the integrity of the institution of marriage under state law.

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