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DRL 23 – Domestic Relations Law 23

DRL 23

DRL 23
Domestic Relations Law 23

The registration and recording of all marriages outside the city of New York shall be under the supervision of the state commissioner of health. The commissioner, either personally or by an accredited representative, may at any time inspect the record and index of marriage licenses issued by any town or city clerk and promulgate rules and regulations for insuring complete registration. When he shall deem it necessary, he shall report cases of violation of any of the provisions of this article to the district attorney of the county, with a statement of the facts and circumstances; and when any such case is reported to him by the state commissioner of health, the prosecuting attorney shall forthwith initiate and promptly follow up the necessary court proceedings against the person or persons responsible for the alleged violation of law. Upon request of the state commissioner of health, the attorney-general shall assist in the enforcement of the provisions of this article.
The passage you provided appears to be a legal provision related to the registration and recording of marriages that occur outside of New York City. Here are some key points to note:
Supervision by the State Commissioner of Health: Marriages taking place outside New York City are subject to the oversight of the State Commissioner of Health. This means that the Commissioner, or an accredited representative acting on their behalf, has authority over the registration and recording of these marriages.
Inspection and Regulations: The Commissioner has the power to inspect marriage license records and indexes maintained by town or city clerks. Additionally, they can establish rules and regulations to ensure thorough and accurate registration of marriages.
Reporting Violations: If the Commissioner believes that any of the legal provisions related to marriage registration have been violated, they are obligated to report the case, along with all pertinent facts and circumstances, to the district attorney of the county where the violation occurred.
Prosecution: Upon receiving a report of a violation, the prosecuting attorney (district attorney) is required to initiate and actively pursue legal proceedings against the individual or individuals responsible for breaking the law.
Assistance from Attorney General: If requested by the State Commissioner of Health, the Attorney General is obligated to provide assistance in enforcing the provisions of this article. This means that the highest legal officer in the state may become involved if necessary.
In summary, this passage outlines the procedures and responsibilities for registering and overseeing marriages that occur outside New York City, with a focus on ensuring compliance with the law and taking legal action in cases of violations. It emphasizes the role of the State Commissioner of Health and the cooperation of legal authorities in enforcing these provisions.

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