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How Social Media Can Be Used Against You In Court

Most people don’t think of social media platforms as a place where people can use your thoughts against you. However, sharing a public rant about your former employer or an ex-spouse online can lead to problems. Social media posts are evidence and can hurt your court case. A family law attorney can represent you professionally so that these social media posts aren’t used against you in court in the future.

Evidence Against You

These posts can be used as evidence against you. For instance, someone may claim they were in an accident and sustained injuries. However, her social media posts show that she is able to go about her regular life, so the injuries didn’t result in any change in her life. Most of the time, this would dismiss her personal injury lawsuit.

Remember that anything you share online is fully confidential. If you’re involved in any legal case or proceeding, think twice before you post anything that can be used against you in a courtroom.

Public Social Media Posts Can Be Used in Court

These public social media posts aren’t illegally-obtained as they are in the public domain. Even if you have exchanged self-incriminating messages with someone privately in an app, they can be used without any issue. Refrain from deleting content during a trial too as it shows guilt. For example, if you feel some of your posts may be used against you and then they’re magically missing, a judge may assume you know that they will change the outcome of your case and this will hurt you.

Ultimately, anything that you share on social media can become a part of the public record, so be a selective sharer. Also, consider using a VPN service that helps your online activities to be protected against censorship or interference.

Hire an Attorney to Protect Your Rights in Court

If you sense that some of your social media posts may be used against you in court, whether for a personal injury case or even divorce, it’s time to hire one of our experienced attorneys. The legal experts at the law offices of Rubinstein & Associates PLLC understand family law issues and give you the best chance in court. We serve the areas of Woodmere, Long Island, Lynbrook, Hewlett, Rockville Center, Cedarhurst and surrounding Nassau County communities. Visit our website at rubesq.com or give us a call at 516-268-7077  and let us answer any questions you may have about the legal process ahead.

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