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How Social Media Can Harm Your Child Custody Case

Nearly everyone uses social media, and because of this, information about peoples’ personal lives is often available for the perusal of those who may not have their best interests at heart. If you are going through a divorce in which decisions are to be made about child custody, you need to be cautious about what you post on social media. If the divorce is contentious and there is conflict about who may be awarded custody of a child or children, then material that you post on a social network or platform may eventually be used against you in a number of different ways.

Bad Mouthing

You may be hurt, angry or upset by the behavior of your ex-spouse, which may be what led to the divorce in the first place. However, if you air your feelings on a social website and your ex or his or her legal representative, or even just a friend of your ex, should see this, they may later throw it back in your face, out of context and with the worst of intentions. This is something that you do not need, especially when you are already going through a challenging and difficult time of change. So, if you need to vent, do so only with your friends in person or in a private phone conversation.

What Not to Post

When using social media during a divorce, don’t change your relationship status to “single” until the divorce is finalized, as this makes you look less than honest. Avoid posting photos of you at a restaurant eating an expensive meal if your financial resources are being considered in a custody case. Also be careful not to post information about recent purchases, especially if they are not essential ones. Don’t discuss your current romantic interest if you are dating someone new. And by all means, do not post a selfie showing you with a glass of wine or some other alcoholic beverage. Until your divorce is finalized and child custody decisions are made, you only want to depict yourself on social media as an upstanding citizen with unquestionable morals.

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    • What grounds do I need to file for divorce?
      • New York is a no-fault jurisdiction which means the most commonly cited cause is IRRETRIEVABLE BREAKDOWN IN RELATIONSHIP. So, for example, if your spouse had adultery, it is not really relevant to the actual divorce grounds.
    • Do I file a contested divorce or an uncontested divorce?
      • Uncontested means both parties agree to sign a settlement outside of court and are relatively close in terms of what they want in the terms.
    • How much does the divorce process cost?
      • Uncontested divorces are considerably cheaper, the range is between $1,000-$3,000 depending on complexity. For a contested divorce, it will depend on how willing the spouses are to work together, if so, it can cost as little as $7,000 but if there is excessive fighting the divorce can last years and the sky is the limit.
    • How long before I am officially divorced?
      • Fortunately, NY is not a state that requires a separation period. So as long as you and your spouse have been married for at least 6 months and are an NY resident, you can begin the process immediately. If the divorce is not contested it can be completed in as fast as two months and may take as long as eight months. If the divorce is contested and the parties find it challenging to agree, divorce can go on for many years.

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