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power of attorney British Columbia

power of attorney British Columbia

At Denham Law, we have seen a lot of people through drafting estate planning documents including Power of Attorney in British Columbia. Unfortunately, we have also seen many families squabble over these documents as feelings get hurt and people feel they are being mistreated.

We have also been fortunate to see many families overcome their misgivings and challenges to further strengthen family bonds in the event of an older family member’s incapacitation or death. One of the successful things that we have seen amicable families do is hold regular Power of Attorney meetings.

These meetings are a great way to get together as a family to help support one of their own. Through these meetings, everyone may have a say and can express concern and love for the family member. Here are some of the important reasons to have family meetings upon someone signing a Power of Attorney in British Columbia.

Talk to Each Other

The lack of communication between family members is most often the cause of family feuds over an estate plan. If someone in your family has signed a Power of Attorney in British Columbia to one of your siblings or someone else in your family, and you think it should have been you, suggest a family meeting.

Having the opportunity to talk about your feelings in a supportive environment with the family that cares about you may be therapeutic and can provide a safe space for you to talk calmly about your concerns. What you don’t want to have happen is write a text message or scathing email with your feelings at that moment. People will be more understanding and more receptive face to face.

Delegate Responsibilities

As the person with the Power of Attorney in British Columbia, you may recognize that it’s going to be very difficult for you to do this on your own. You can make things easier on yourself and help ease tensions between family members if other people in the family feel like they are sharing in the responsibility.

When there’s an important decision that needs to be made regarding the family member’s care, delegating responsibilities to other family members can help them feel like they’re as much part of the process of caregiving as you are. Assign some people to take the family member to required medical appointments or invite them to come with you to meet with our attorneys. Whatever it is, the more people feel involved, the less likely they are to have hurt feelings.

Provide Support

If someone in your family is signing a Power of Attorney in British Columbia, they may have just become incapacitated or approaching it. They may be ill or aging or have a terminal illness. Whatever the case may be, this is sure to be a difficult time for the whole family. With regular family meetings, you can bond together as a family and help each other get through this difficult phase of life.

With regular family meetings regarding a Power of Attorney in British Columbia, the responsibilities of this often-heavy document is more evenly distributed throughout the entire family. Mature adults and aging seniors should feel confident in their silver and golden years that their families will support each other and be there for each other after they pass away. Through regular meetings, families can be sure they get closer rather than further apart.

power of attorney British Columbia


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