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Prenup Agreement New York

Prenup Agreement New York

Rubinstein Law Firm is a leading attorney firm specializing in divorce litigation and separation in New York. Jacob Rubinstein is a top attorney who can help you understand the basics of a prenup agreement in New York, focus on the specifics of your circumstance, and determine if you need one.

Is a prenup valid after 10 years?

The validity of a prenup agreement can vary depending upon its terms. In some cases, they are valid for the entire length of the marriage. However, specific provisions included in the prenup can expire after a certain period. For instance, no spousal support unless the marriage lasts for a minimum of 10 years can be one such provision.

Is a prenup legally binding?

Prenuptial agreements are legally binding contracts upheld in court. For your prenup to be enforceable by the court, you must have the agreement in writing, signed, and witnessed, and both parties in a marriage must furnish complete information of all the assets and liabilities.

What does a prenup protect you from?

A prenuptial agreement protects your pre-marital assets, your children’s financial stability, and reduces future conflict. It also makes divorce settlements easier.

What to know about prenups?

When making a prenup agreement or signing one, it is pivotal to get your counsel to represent you and protect your interests. Each state comes with its own laws governing the enforcement and validity of prenup agreements. Talking to an expert can help you understand your state laws and make decisions accordingly.

Is a prenup a good idea?

If you and your partner have significant financial assets, a prenup might be a good idea. 

What is a prenup?

It is a contract created by two people before they enter into a marriage. A prenup lists each spouse’s assets and liabilities and states each person’s property rights after marriage.

Who needs a prenup?

Prenups do not necessarily apply just to the rich and privileged. Couples of modest individuals also tend to make prenup agreements for their own reasons. For instance, when two people enter a marriage but have children from prior marriages may get into a prenup agreement to determine what happens to each of their properties when they die. Similarly, couples may make a prenup to clarify their financial rights during the marriage.

What are the main benefits prenuptial agreements?

Prenups allows you to be open and honest to your partner about the property, liabilities, and finances before the wedding. A prenup can create a mutual understanding, which can act as a strong foundation for your marriage. In the case of a divorce, it addresses all the legal hurdles and brings a quicker resolution to the process.

What are the terms that you cannot include in a prenuptial agreement?

You cannot include child custody, parenting time, child support, spousal duties, and daily tasks during the marriage in a prenup agreement.

If you consider making a prenup, call Rubinstein Law Firm at 516-268-7077 for a free consultation or visit our official website to book one. Jacob Rubinstein can help you determine if a prenup agreement in New York is right for you and can help you draft a contract.

Prenup Agreement New York


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