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Privacy Law


A Brief Introduction to Us Jacob Rubinstein

Jacob has been working in Privacy since 2013. He has had stints at Nielsen, Reuters, the famed Brooklyn Law Incubator Policy clinic, was the top privacy professional at American Stock Transfer (AST) a 1500 employee, international, top-ranking transfer agent in the world and was a Senior Privacy professional at JPMorgan and Chase for over 2 years. Jacob graduated from Brooklyn Law with a certificate in Privacy Law. Jacob has written articles for the IAPP, local papers, BLIP website and has launched firmwide policies, standards and procedures at major financial institutions.


One of our most popular services:

Website, Program and Technology Analysis-

Privacy by design is a concept whereby from the initial stage of processing personal information, privacy mechanisms are established. Applying our years of privacy experience, we will evaluate every component of your organization that may be in scope of privacy regulations.


This includes the appraisal of every element pertaining to your website. A general risk assessment will be performed for every aspect of information handling within your organization. The review will ensure the privacy disclosures as well as terms and conditions are up to the highest industry standards.

Further, with your help, we will learn the tracking mechanisms on your site and work with our technology team to present the appropriate banner, if necessary, when entering your site. Additionally, we will draft an appropriate cookies notice.


We will help you launch a long-term program that works so your organization will operate within the appropriate privacy process for your needs. We can craft or assist with hands on training of employees. We will draft an internal privacy policy based on our understanding of the data processing protocol within your company and of course, correct inappropriate handling processes, as they arise.

We will perform risk assessments on high risk data uses and implement a governance structure for both personnel and data. Our team will craft a breach preparedness and response protocol including war rooms and tabletop exercises.

Our Privacy team has led many projects that entail cross-border transfers and the laws of virtually every jurisdiction including system registration processes, as needed. It would be our pleasure to use our proficiency around the old Safe Harbor process and the new Privacy Shield Process to comply with that mechanism.

Data subject access requests with its corresponding data mapping is something which is perhaps the most crucial, and frequently mishandled, facet of GDPR and CCPA compliance. We can assist with putting a centralized system in place including collaboration with our technology team to address the tricky operational parts of the process.

Analysis :

Many lawyers shy away from nascent technology. This is actually our favorite area! We have taken courses in all areas of emerging technology including cloud, encryption, AI, ML and more. We assess algorithms and understand diagnostic as well as predictive analytics and are able partners to help you achieve your framework so as not to break the law.

Our firm motto is “deal-makers, not deal breakers”. We want you to use technology to monetize data and we do our best to put up exactly what is required by law. Whether the data is social media, healthcare, financial, credit reporting, even children’s data or virtually any area of information, our specialists have prior practice.

De-identification :

De-identification is an area where our crew has acted as subject matter experts for Fortune 500 companies. We can show you based on white papers and patented enabled technology the appropriate methods to depersonalize your data and use it to enable endless gains.


Our Founder's Mission

Jacob Is Former Successful Entrepreneur Who Went To Law School To Help Business Owners Protect The Kinds Of Innovations He Used To Create. He Uses That Inventive Spirit Daily, Whether It’s Giving Startups Advice, Crafting Novel Agreements Or Helping Form A Nuanced Agreement. His Trademark Sense Of Humor Always Makes The Process More Fun!

After Many Happy Years In Corporate America, He Primarily Went Solo To Practice Family Law As He Had Seen So Many Divorce Attorney Billing Without Regard For The Kids. He Has Been Determined To Be Different While Never Compromising His Uniquely Aggressive Advocacy.

Jacob Rubinstein


  • Wrote The First Ever Online Law Student Post On The Intersection Of
    3D Printing And IP
  • Has been published many times on the Int’l Association of Privacy Professionals, Most recent piece below
  • Wrote A Mini-Biography On The Life Of Privacy Pioneer Alan Westin
  • Created 50 New Bedding Products Including Filing Patents, Copyrights And Trademarks On Quite A Few Prior To Law School
  • Jewish Wedding Singer And High Holiday Cantor Brooklyn Law, JD 2014, Intellectual Property And Privacy Certificate Admitted In New York And New Jersey Certified Intellectual Privacy Professional


  • What kind of cases do you handle?
  • Family Law Cases such as:

    – Divorce- both contested and uncontested, same sex and gray divorce

    – Custody

    – Support

    – Alimony/ Maintenance

    – Equitable Distribution

  • Intellectual Property cases such as:

    – Patents

    – Copyrights

    – Trademarks, Service Marks and Trade Dress

    – Data Privacy

    – Transactional work such as: Terms and Conditions, IP registration and enforcements and cease and desists

    – Any other IP related matter.

  • How much will my matter cost?
    • Our firm has a different philosophy than virtually any other, we try to close cases quickly. We recognize if you are happy, you will refer us clients. In most matters, it will depend on how complicated the facts and/or legal issues are and how willing the parties are to settle.
  • How does your firm have two differing specialties?
    • We spend a lot of money, time and resources to remain experts in our respective fields. Join the parties and opposing counsels who are baffled by our expertise in both areas.

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