When You Need to Appeal an Amazon Suspension

Amazon is a place where you can buy almost anything. Most of the products sold there come from individual sellers who have joined the Amazon marketplace and who find using that as a platform for selling to be profitable and practical. However, it is not uncommon for Amazon to suspend a seller’s account if they feel that a seller is not following their guidelines or if the customers do not seem to like the seller. If you are a seller on Amazon and this has happened to you, it may be possible to appeal the suspension, but understanding Amazon’s rules for sellers beforehand and keeping up with any changes is an even better plan.

Common Reasons for Suspension

It is not all that difficult for a seller to get suspended from Amazon. All it takes is a violation of any policy, attempting to sell a restricted product, or sales metrics that are too low indicating poor seller performance. Charging prices for products that are too high, charging an excessive shipping fee, or posting inaccurate information about a product can lead to account suspension. There are even automatic triggers that can cause an account to be suspended. Trying to sell a restricted product like an illegal drug or an explosive or hazardous item is also likely to get an account suspended. Excessive bad reviews from customers due to defective products or poor customer service are another common reason for account suspension.

How to Appeal an Amazon Suspension

If your seller account on Amazon has been suspended, it is possible to ask for an appeal. Before you request this appeal, you should have a recovery plan outlined that you can present to Amazon. This plan will detail what steps the seller will take to ensure that he or she will not violate Amazon’s policies again or that steps will be taken to improve sales metrics. Always be positive when asking for an appeal, and point out any advantages that the store has that would be beneficial to Amazon. Putting the appeal on a formal letterhead and using a professional writing tone is also helpful.

Call to Schedule a Consultation With an Amazon Seller Lawyer Today

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