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work permit lawyer Houston

work permit lawyer Houston

You will require the services of a work permit lawyer in Houston whether you are a foreign national looking for a work visa in the U.S. or hiring a foreign national for your U.S. based company. At Fong Ilagan, we provide services for both of these situations to help your chances of success and avoid mishaps.

Is the work visa the same as a work permit?

Visa is a document acquired by an individual for entering a country. Still, the work permit is an employment letter provided by the employer for the individual for entering a country. Immigration authorities issue visas for foreign nationals, whereas a work permit is issued by a national or international company that hires professionals or other technical staff from other countries.

Different countries provide different rules and regulations for a work permit and work visa. You can contact our firm to find out how we can help you in this matter to sort through complicated paperwork and confusing applications.

Non-immigration work visa

A non-immigrant work visa is for individuals working temporarily in the U.S. There are many varieties of non-immigrant work visas that you can apply for with the help of a work permit lawyer in Houston. Our firm can help you apply for these non-immigrant work visas. Some of these non-immigrant work visas include 

  • O-1: For individuals with “extraordinary abilities”
  • L-1: For intra-company transfers
  • H-1B: For certain high-skilled individuals in specialty occupations
  • H-2A: For temporary agricultural workers
  • H-2B: For temporary, seasonal, non-agricultural workers

Employment-based immigration visa

You can apply for permanent employment visa even if you have a temporary work visa but a lawful permanent resident, you are allowed to work and live in the U.S. permanently. Every fiscal year, there are at least 140,000 employment-based immigration visas available. There are many categories for employment-based immigration including

  • EB-1: For individuals with outstanding abilities like professors, researchers, managers, executives, etc.
  • EB-2: For individuals with advanced degrees
  • EB-3: For professionals and skilled workers
  • EB-4: For “special immigrants” including religious workers, workers of U.S. foreign service posts, retired employees of international organizations, and other specialty classes
  • EB-5: For business investors who invest $1 million (or $500,000 in certain cases) in a commercial enterprise that employs at least 10 U.S. workers on a full-time basis

Work visa in Houston, TX

We know it’s hard to decide which category is right for you or your employee, so you need an immigration lawyer to help you with the process. If you apply for a work visa without the help of a lawyer, then you will reduce your chances of success, and you will be stuck with a lot of paperwork and a big headache.

At Fong Ilagan, we provide immigration services and expertise of a work permit lawyer in Houston to help our clients get employment-based immigration visas for themselves or their employees. Our services include analyzing, guiding, filing, and ensuring compliance for the right kind of visa for our clients or their prospective personnel.

work permit lawyer Houston

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work permit lawyer Houston

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